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First charitable donation made by

€600 has been donated to two Maltese charities that seek to help families in need.

Thanks to you lot who decided to purchase some of my heraldic renditions of Maltese surnames, both Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and Fondazzjoni Sebħ have had €300 donated to them.

The festive period was great fun, got some media recognition and I spent an amazing weekend selling prints and postcards at the Nice Things Market, but this project was always meant to be a hobby, not a side hustle. Quite early on, I made the decision that any proceeds made would be given to charity.

A total of €588 in profits was made throughout the festive period and it only made sense to round it up to the nearest hundred. Both these charities were chosen because of their focus on the family since surnames are intrinsically linked to the familial concept.


My gratitude to all who have supported the project through their purchases whilst helping to support great local charities.

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