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logo-shield.png is a project by designer Jonn Galea that aims to explore the traditional heraldry of Maltese surnames through a modern illustrative lens.
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The inspiration

Despite there being nearly 20,000 different surnames in use in Malta, over 75% of the population (that's nearly 400,000 people!) share the same 100 surnames. It is for this reason that the project's goal is to eventually depict the 100 most common Maltese surnames in Malta and Gozo.

Beautifully unique, Maltese surnames reflect the history and heritage of the islands. Each one indicates its origin and, as a whole, they hark back to all the different cultures that occupied the archipelago. All the while emphasising Malta's long-renowned strategic position between Africa and Europe.


This makes Maltese surnames the perfect set of snapshots of the country and its people.

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