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Collaboration with Malta AI creates next level heraldry!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

I recently reached out to the awesome Malta AI with the aim of creating some crazy, heraldry-inspired images. The results did not disappoint, and it went a little viral too!

I have personally found the emergence of AI-generated art extremely fascinating and have been following the amazing images being shared by Malta AI. I reached out with an idea to recreate the main motifs of some iconic Maltese surnames, and the collaboration proved to be a rather fruitful one.

The surnames represented include the hilltop fort of Borg; the golden suit of armour of Sciberras; the camel and moon of Camilleri; Neptune and the dolphin representing Cauchi; the Galea-helmed warrior; the little onion of Psaila; and the olive frond-wielding dove of Pace.

You can take a look at the original Instagram post here which was originally shared on February 13th and, after gaining some interest throughout the day, was ultimately picked up by the online news website Malta Daily which also posted about it.


What do you think of these creations? And make sure to check out Malta AI on Instagram here!

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