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1000 followers on Instagram!

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

In an uncanny coincidence, exactly 6 months (to the day!) after our first post, we have reached this awesome milestone! Thanks to everyone for your support.

Exactly six months ago, on the 6th of August, I decided to have a bit of fun and start posting my heraldic creations on social media. The first surname I posted was Galea, my own surname.

By this point the website had been up since January 2022 and had around 35 different surnames available to view. It started to feel like the right time to start promoting the project a bit more widely than mere word of mouth.

I'd have never thought we'd reach the 1k mark so quickly!

Coupled with over 330 Facebook followers, which I only really started posting on in December last year, and social media has really proven to be a great place to meet, chat and share. From folks wishing to know more about the project or their surname, and others wishing to share their knowledge about the roots and coat of arms. To the point sometimes that, despite my efforts, I simply cannot find time to respond to everyone.

Once again, thanks to all for the support and engagement. I appreciate it immensely! And if you're not an instagram follower but are keen to be, simply go to


Things have been a little slow as of late, with one post per week instead of two. We can blame this on ,e starting a new job at the turn of the year, which has kept me rather busy.

However, there is some exciting news around the corner, with 5 (maybe 10) new surnames being added to the site soon, as well as an exciting new collaboration!


Take care and thanks always,


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