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Recorded as Pisanò, Pisana, Pisanu and (Di) Pisa amongst others, this surname can be found on the Militia Roster of 1419.

Italian in origin, from pisano meaning “Pisan, a native of the city of Pisa”. It should be noted that a record of a Pisan visting Malta in 1184 is the oldest reference to a Latin presence in Malta. Pisa itself most likely derives from the Greek pisos, meaning “irigated land”.

This coat of arms traditionally incorporates a heraldic dolphin hauriant, a symbol of charity, agility and vigilance. The or (gold/yellow) field is a symbol nobility, intelligence, prestige, virtue, and grandeur with a party per bend dexter (to the right) incorporating 3 mullets of six points referencing loyalty to the Christina faith.

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