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We do find an Antoni Chini recorded in the Militia Roster of 1417, however, the surname is absent from records until resurfacing again prominently in the Angara Roster of the 1480s.

The main theories regarding the origin of this surname both point to Italian sources, with the first suggesting it to be a derivative of the personal name Cino. Alternatively, it could be an abbreviation of a surname ending in -cini, such as Bencini, Mancini or Seracini. Both -cino and -cini are hypocoristic, meaning they indicate a diminutive form or pet name.

This coat of arms incorporates a field lozengy, created through the combination of diagonal stripes, starting from the dexter (right) side and from the sinister (left) side.

An image linked to a dedicated page about the Maltese surname Cini. Also known as Ċini.
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