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  • Writer's pictureJonn Galea makes first charitable donations

Kunjomijiet pledges to give all proceeds to charity and I’m delighted to share that the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and Fondazzjoni Sebħ have each received a €300 donation.

The donations were made up mostly of the profits made from the sale of prints and postcards over the festive period, particularly at the Nice Things market. All profits, after the reduction of printing costs, stall costs and website maintenance, amassed €588, with the kitty being duly rounded up to €600 and split amongst the two charities.

Thank you so much to all who made a purchase!

It was my goal from the onset to to donate all proceeds to charitable causes that seek to help Maltese families in need. This is since surnames are themselves are so intrinsically tied with family. After much research and discussions with my own family as well as friends, I settled on the Foodbank Lifeline Foundation and Fondazzjoni Sebħ.


There are so many other charities deserving of donations, and the hope is to be able to help them out as well in the future. Here is some more information on the two charities that received donations:

Fondazzjoni Sebħ

Is a charity that seeks to provide residential services to children, female survivors of violence and their children, as well as a community service offering support to individuals and families.

The Foodbank Lifeline Foundation

Poverty is a real and growing problem in Malta that often get's hidden under the carpet. The Foodbank Foundation are committed to feeding the needy whilst shielding them from any indignity.


Again, thank you to all who have supported the project through their purchases whilst donating to two worthy charities!

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